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  • Aveng is committed to implementing corporate social responsibility strategies throughout its operations worldwide in line with internationally recognised sustainability guidelines and principles. Aveng recognises that its long-term prosperity and the sustainability of its operations rely on a climate of economic and social prosperity, as well as the integrity of the natural environment.
  • Aveng will strive to be a leading corporate citizen, working with employees, their families, local communities and society at large to improve the overall quality of life and to achieve sustainable economic development at all levels. The group recognises the universal right of present and future generations to a natural environment that is not harmful to human well-being, and endeavours to minimise the environmental impacts of its operations.
  • Aveng acknowledges its accountability to its shareowners and its responsibility to its wider stakeholder base, including employees, clients, business partners, contractors, suppliers, communities affected by its operations, Government and regulatory bodies. Aveng seeks to build an atmosphere of openness and trust through regular, timeous and courteous stakeholder engagement. The group will communicate with stakeholders in a transparent and realistic manner to the extent that this is not detrimental to the group. All stakeholder engagement will be balanced with the group’s overall responsibility to the sustainability of its business, employees and investors. The group is committed to closely working with communities in and around its operations.

"Aveng views its responsibility to help bring about the economic empowerment of historically disadvantaged South Africans as integral to being a good corporate citizen and truly South African group."


  • Aveng’s capacity to act as a responsible corporate citizen is directly influenced by its financial performance. The group is dedicated to building and maintaining a robust, enduring business for the benefit of all its stakeholders and the economies and societies of the countries in which it operates.
  • Aveng will strive to contribute positively to the development of the economies and societies of the countries in which it operates through the creation of wealth. The group will aim to meet its year-on-year financial targets, so as to achieve excellent growth in all aspects of the business and increased wealth for its stakeholders and the communities in which it operates.
  • Aveng is committed to keeping accurate and reliable records that fairly reflect all business transactions in terms of the International Financial Reporting Standards, to ensure that the group is able to properly manage its affairs and meet its legal, financial and reporting obligations.
  • Aveng views its responsibility to help bring about the economic empowerment of historically disadvantaged South Africans as integral to being a good corporate citizen and truly South African group, as well as a sound business imperative that will enable it to maintain its strong performance over the long term. In South Africa, the Aveng group of companies will proactively strive to meet the targets set by regulations governing broad-based black economic empowerment in the areas of ownership, management, employment, training and upliftment and social investment.
  • Aveng’s South African procurement policy supports suppliers who in turn support the transformation of the South African economy and society. Businesses within the group actively promote the use of black suppliers for the provision of goods and services, and aim to develop long-term strategic relationships with black empowered business partners. The group will assist its suppliers in their endeavours to comply with the regulations governing broad-based black economic empowerment. In turn, the group will continue to implement transformation initiatives to retain its own status as a black-empowered supplier.
  • Aveng is committed to economic empowerment through enterprise development and will actively form partnerships and joint ventures with black businesses to transfer skills and facilitate the development of strong black-owned businesses. In addition, wherever possible the group’s procurement policy actively supports the development of local small, medium and micro enterprises, particularly black-owned enterprises.


  • Aveng is committed to the protection of the environment and to the reduction of environmental impacts stemming from its business activities to as low a level as is reasonably practicable. The group will promote policies and operating procedures that conserve resources and minimise the environmental impact of its business activities. The group aims to use energy, water and other natural resources and raw materials effectively, and prevent pollution by controlling its emissions, discharges and wastes, and disposing of or recycling materials in an environmentally friendly manner.
  • Aveng will undertake internal and external audits to identify areas of possible environmental risk, and will identify potential significant environmental impacts for each major project, product, service and permanent facility through environmental impact assessments. As most projects undertaken by the group’s operations are on a contract basis for clients, accountability for the environmental impact of these operations rests with the client. For projects that have environmental consequences, the group will develop and implement environmental management systems and plans to eliminate or minimise environmental impacts at the request of and on behalf of the contracting client.
  • Aveng encourages its operations to obtain ISO 14001 certification and to comply with all relevant environmental legislation, regulations, construction industry codes of practice and other best practice environmental standards.
  • Aveng will consult and communicate with employees, contractors and clients on environmental issues to clearly define responsibilities and accountabilities. The group will encourage a culture of environmental awareness and care amongst its employees, contractors and clients through negotiated key performance areas, information, training and supervision to limit the environmental impact of the group and its clients.
  • Aveng will undertake appropriate rehabilitation of the environment at the request of the contracting client. Where Aveng acts on its own behalf and these activities have a negative impact, the group sets aside adequate funds and resources for environmental rehabilitation. In all instances of an environmental incident, the group undertakes to take timeous steps to limit the damage caused, clean up and rehabilitate the environment.
  • Aveng will strive to continually identify ways to improve on its environmental performance through an ongoing programme of review and corrective action and undertakes to provide the necessary resources and management support to achieve this goal.
  • Aveng supports green procurement and encourages its operations to give preference to contractors and suppliers that adopt environmentally responsible practices.

“Aveng recognises that ongoing investment in talent development, skills, training and employee upliftment is crucial to address the shortage of skills in the industry.”


  • Although the legal protection of human rights varies in the countries in which the group operates, recognition of human rights is entrenched throughout Aveng’s operations worldwide to prevent any form of discrimination based on religious or other beliefs, nationality, gender, age, race, marital status or physical features. Each person’s individuality, right to freedom of association and absolute privacy are respected. Harassment of any form, including sexual harassment, is viewed in a very serious light and appropriate disciplinary action is taken. The group also prohibits the use of child, compulsory or forced labour in any of its operations. The group expects its supply chain and contracting parties to observe and promote human rights principles.
  • Aveng respects the right to privacy and abides by the regulations of the countries in which it operates in this regard. Personal and business information gained in the course of business dealings is safeguarded and kept private.
  • Aveng is committed to providing a working environment that attracts and retains talented employees by respecting the rights of its employees, offering competitive conditions of employment and providing a safe place to work. Conditions of employment are closely monitored to ensure that they are in line with the legislative requirements of the countries in which the group operates worldwide. Through careful selection, ongoing development, performance-based management and fair reward, every person in the group is encouraged to realise their full potential. Exceptional commitment to the group’s core values of integrity, quality, and entrepreneurship are appropriately rewarded.
  • Aveng’s employment equity policy requires that equal opportunities be offered to all employees. The group seeks to create an environment in which individuals who demonstrate commitment and ability are able to develop their careers free from any form of discrimination. In South Africa, the group is committed to broad-based black economic empowerment and aspires to build a workforce that reflects the demographics of South African society.
  • Aveng recognises each employee’s right to a safe and healthy working environment and strives for zero risk to employees, contractors, suppliers and clients. Health and safety are paramount and never compromised in the pursuit of any other objective. Wherever it operates in the world, Aveng applies the same high standards of health and safety it employs in South Africa and Australia. The group complies with all relevant legislation, regulations, codes of practice and construction industry standards in the countries in which it operates. The group aims to constantly improve its health and safety performance.
  • Aveng will use its purchasing power with contractors and suppliers to impose strict safety, health, quality and environmental performance criteria, and to ensure that they uphold values such as ethics, employment equity, the training and well-being of employees and human rights, including the avoidance of child and forced labour.
  • Aveng recognises the right of all its employees to freedom of association, and supports the rights of its employees to join a trade union and to be represented by it for collective bargaining purposes. Each group operation has policies in place to deal with freedom of association and collective bargaining, as well as other procedures such as grievances, retrenchment and disciplinary action that may be required to effectively manage its workforce. These policies comply with the legislative requirements of the countries of operation worldwide.
  • Aveng recognises that ongoing investment in talent development, skills, training and employee upliftment is crucial to address the shortage of skills in the industry that are vital to the growth of the group and the country. The group views its investment in its own human capital as a strategic initiative that will give it competitive advantages and ensure the long-term sustainability of its business. In the group’s operations worldwide, employees are given the opportunity to participate in skills development and training programmes, mentorships, career planning and regular performance appraisals to ensure their own growth.
  • Aveng is aware that the long-term prosperity of the group relies on a climate of economic and social prosperity, which is linked to the sustainable development of society. The group is committed to social upliftment and aims to contribute meaningfully to nation-building through a corporate social investment programme that has partnering and enablement as its core philosophies. Each year Aveng contributes 1% of the group’s prior year’s headline earnings to deserving community investment projects through the Aveng Community Investment Trust. In addition, many of the group’s operations are involved in other charitable projects, infrastructure development and many other initiatives to uplift the communities in which they operate. This involves financial contributions as well as the donation of goods and services and the transfer of skills.


Each year Aveng’s code of business conduct is committed to by the directors of Aveng and its principal subsidiaries and by members of the management boards of its operating groups and business units.